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Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Text Messaging Using Your Voice -

In can my text messages be read online to basic location, its possible to ring, lock and erase the contents of your device remotely from any internet-connected computer. The app automatically tracks your activity in the background. I want to search which number is how can i read text messages used in my lost cel phone. Daughter Ruthe D.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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Thank you for your feedback. Device Guides. Read on below and you will learn how to perform these three functions on your Galaxy Samsung S4. Was this helpful? Yes No I need help. You now can safely drive your car without the distractions of trying to reply to an incoming call or text message.

Manually using cell phones while driving has caused many accidents worldwide, so the "Driving Mode" feature can be extremely beneficial.

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You can also get the Samsung Galaxy S4 to read back a text message aloud while you are running or walking. You can always turn off the S-Voice, and block calls using the steps shown above. It also ensures that then you can pull down the menu without it lagging. Note - you must double tap the "Home" button to launch using your voice for texting, and other uses above from S-Voice. See step 5 of having text messages read aloud above.

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When I do a Google Chrome search, the results usually are read out loud to me via a female-sounding voice. I would like to turn this off, if possible, whenever I am in the presence of other people; so that they don't know my business or so that I don't annoy another people. This section is not written yet. Want to join in? Click EDIT to write this answer. I currently have an iPhone 5 and have the opportunity to trade for a Samsung S4. Since I drive a lot, I need to have the ability to send voice texts, have incoming texts read to me, and to download and listen to broadcasts.

Any advice?

How to turn off read receipts on a Samsung Galaxy phone - Business Insider Deutschland

Thanks Was this helpful? Yes No I need help Since both smartphones have the ability to send voice texts, have texts read to you, and download and listen to podcasts, the question isn't necessarily about functions in your case, but perhaps more about compatibility with other devices you may want to synchronize and use the smartphone with. Yes No I need help Do you prefer using the Apple environment? Do you have other Apple devices such as Macbook, iPad? Apple TV, etc.? Or do you have more running via your Google account? Do you use Google Play or iTunes more? Do you have a Chromebook? Yes No I need help In your particular case, the mentioned considerations would be what I would recommend looking into, especially if you are simply considering smartphone replacement and not your other devices you currently have in your possession. Yes No I need help If you decide to keep your iPhone, I recommend getting to know Siri better and reading up on the many functions available just by using it.

We have a Renault Megane car and it read out texts on my old Nokia phone fine.

Steps to recover deleted text messages from Samsung Galaxy Note 4

I have now got a Samsung Galaxy and it doesn't read the texts out. Phone calls are fine incoming and outgoing, the garage said it is a setting on the phone? If you install [1] , [2] , or any other similar applications, you will be able to scan your Note4 for the Driving Mode application and put the shortcut into your application drawer. If nothing suits you, you can try an alternative driving application [4].

Is this for real?